Emily Hunt

Emily is a senior advisor on evidence-based strategy, brand and communications and often describes herself as a data storyteller.

She has worked at some of the leading consultancies in the world for global businesses from Apple to Unilever, a Head of State, a legislature and what she likes to say was the right side of an armed rebellion.

Emily has moderated focus groups on four continents and conducted survey research on six.  A dual US/UK citizen, Emily has been involved in and closely scrutinised politics on both sides of the Atlantic.  Unlike many in her field she correctly predicted both the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump.

She has previously lectured on research methods at the Boston University, University of Chicago and Lafayette College; on international conflict at George Mason; and on entrepreneurship at Newcastle University. She has regularly featured in the media, including on the BBC, This Morning, Victoria Derbyshire, ITV News, Channel 5 News and the Channel 5 #MeToo Debate. 

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