Our Services

Our job is to help you tell your story. Amongst the partners we have a combined experience stretching over decades of engaging stakeholders, inspiring the public and winning customers. As you would expect this covers corporate PR, media relations, public affairs and lobbying, crisis comms, marketing and digital and social media engagement which we can offer on a consultancy basis; and in many instances we can provide interim cover for many senior roles in-house or in agency.

We also offer distinct products that can be bought on a one-off or regular basis, including:

Leadership communications

  • Effective use of Zoom and video conferencing
  • Training for ‘traditional’ and digital media
  • Presenting leaders in podcasts and videos

Content creation

  • Speech-writing for impact
  • Clear, concise and effective copy-writing, including annual reports and other corporate documents
  • Power of well-designed images
  • Using podcasts and videos for internal and B2B communications

Coaching and mentoring

  • Being a senior counsel and sounding board for individual executives and the whole board
  • Mentoring, coaching and leadership team development

Business advisory

  • Reviewing the capability and effectiveness of teams
  • Advising on proposed investments
  • Conducting political and reputational due diligence

Data analysis and strategy

  • Data analysis and insights
  • Communications and business strategy
  • Polling and research