Our Services

Our promise is that we can and will deliver a world-class solution to each and every communications or business challenge clients throw at us.  We offer the specific services listed here on a consultancy basis.  We may also be able to provide interim cover for many senior roles in-house or in agency, typically on a part-time basis.

Communications, marketing and research

  • Strategic communications review and planning
  • Crisis management, planning and preparedness
  • Corporate PR: strategy and delivery
  • Specialist communications research
  • Media strategy, management and handling
  • Public affairs: strategy and delivery
  • Digital and social media strategy and planning
  • Marketing and digital marketing
  • Market research
  • Brand consultancy and brand purpose
  • Consumer PR: strategy and delivery

Content creation

  • Speech-writing
  • Copy-writing, including annual reports and other corporate documents
  • Video content creation and delivery
  • Design: online and offline

Training, coaching and mentoring

  • Senior counsel: individual and whole board
  • Media training: print and broadcast
  • Select Committee training
  • Mentoring, coaching and leadership team development

Business advisory

  • Team review: capability and effectiveness
  • Investment advisory
  • Political and reputational due diligence